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Whether it's a website, a product description, an advert, (the list goes on, but you get the gist) good communications result from a culmination of considerations...

It needs to look great, fit your brand style, work within your marketing plan and speak to your customers in the way they want to be spoken to. And in doing all that, it’s easy to get lost.

Project management

There's an advantage to having us project manage for you: It's our job. It means you can still do your job and we will pay attention to the details and keep an eye out for issues. We live and breath creative communications, giving us experience and perspective in helping you deliver consistently, across various channels.

Creative copywriting and editing

Whether it's a website, a product description or an advert, your message needs to be just right. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it's easy to find yourself stuck for words.

Communications require care, because context is everything (and they say that content is king). As communication experts, we know your brand tone needs to carry through, delivering fresh, consistent and on-point messages which portray the invaluable notions of quality and trust: You're invested in what you say.

With a background in Marketing & PR and experience writing across a range of sectors, we write engaging communications that focus on the key points yet maintain the necessary information. And, you might find that a chat with us helps you to get in focus.

For those that need to go the distance, we also offer proofing and editing services.

Copywriting services can include:

Advertorial & feature writing, adverts & taglines, blog writing & social media content, brand & style guides, editing, (live) event reporting, presentations, pitches and research, press kits & press releases, product descriptions, proofing, technical writing (instructional; FAQs), website and brochure copy and white papers.

Custom media publishing

As masters of the written word, we love designing books, magazines, brochures and other multi-page documents under our custom publishing service. After all, the development of a multi-page or text heavy document is very different from graphic design. We can also manage the print production process for you.

Previous work includes custom magazines and brochures as well as these published books:


Our clients include:

  • 3Doodler
  • SCMP
  • MSL
  • SmarTone
  • Publics
  • TBWA
  • Sun Hung Kai Properties
  • Kids Dailies
  • HopLun
  • Golin