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Working primarily in Hong Kong but with additional clients in the UK and USA, Vickie Chan consults as a creative director and project manager, under Chantown Creative. Her experience in a breadth of creative industries includes brand development, marketing & PR, design and custom publishing, web & UI development, video production and copywriting. It gives Vickie the added perspective of seeing both sides of the coin (something she’s experienced culturally, too), seeing a wider picture from several angles — whether she is giving creative advice or managing creative projects. And her ethnic mix and understanding of Western and Chinese culture adds value to Vickie’s insight in the job, the audience and the goal.

After a briefing, Vickie will check that all parties have a clear understanding of the project. Working on a consultant basis, Vickie can work independently or by taking a ‘plug and play’ role with the client’s team in order to develop the project, the understanding, the skills and the desired outcome. If the project requires hiring a third company Vickie can also manage that relationship as part of the overall project. This way of working particularly helps to alleviate teams that are under pressure or have an unfulfilled team role, or likewise, temporarily adds to the experience and skillset of a smaller team, when needed.

Given the diversity of Vickie’s work, if you’re unsure what she can do for you, it’s probably easiest to get in touch.


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